The fall is here and the cold weather is about to hit and your home or
building might have a few areas to pay attention to.
Here are some of the top maintenance needs to consider at the
beginning of autumn:

• Gutters and down spouts
With autumn here leaving the roofs and grounds with plenty of dead
fall, gutters and downspouts need to be cleared to prevent clogs and
allow free flow of the rain water.
Making sure gutters and downspouts are properly attached to the
building and its own connectors is important, this prevents damage to
the building siding and pooling at ground level.

• Storm Drains
Clearing dead fall and debris as well from storms drains keeps areas
from flooding and your property in compliance with the city.

• Doors and Windows
Exterior trim is exposed to the elements all year round specially in the
hot days of summer, a good inspection of moldings and casings
around doors and windows is a good idea. The heat of the sun can
crack old sealant and getting ready for the rainy season is a must.

Weather stripping is also a great idea and can save on energy cost
keeping that nice warmth air inside the house.
Cleaning window tracks prevents debris from clogging weep holes and
allows for proper drainage.

• Attic
With the cost of gas and electricity rising every year saving energy is a
Properly installed insulation in the attic and on ducting is key. Inspect
for any missing/damaged pieces.

• Chimney
Chimneys need cleaning every year by a professional to prevent build
up that can cause unexpected fires.
Inspection for any leaks and damper operation is also a great idea.